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Welcome to the LivoniaJaycees!


Many times, Jaycees are asked what we do or stand for.  The answer is simple:  WE BUILD LEADERS!

In our chapter, this year our motto is the “It Starts with ME!”. The reason behind this, is that we believe that the Livonia Jaycees can benefit everyone. We offer well rounded programming through projects in 4 areas; management, membership, individual and community development. These projects and the leadership development all begin with each one of us.

With these areas combined we offer projects in personal and professional development, community fundraising, socialization and many more. Through these projects we build relationships in the community, networking and leadership. We strive to impact the lives of children, senior citizens and everyone in between. Whatever your passion is, our chapter can further enrich your life.

Please visit our calendar to see one of the many projects we have scheduled this year. You are welcome to join us at any time. Feel free to contact any of the board of directors or myself regarding any questions you may have about the Livonia Jaycees. We are available and happy to help you start your journey to leadership!




Livonia Jaycees
Board of Directors